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"Is to create the most innovative, unique, and distinctive specialty beers, enjoyable in any scenario, which will change beer enthusiasts' idea of what is possible in specialty craft beer. We will use the best quality, locally-sourced ingredients, superior knowledge, and crafting to deliver a distinguished product created by honest means."
  • Berryliner

    ABV: 4.8 / IBU: 10 / STYLE: Blackberry Key Lime Berliner Weiss

    Berryliner is a bright, tart Berliner Weisse brewed with our friends at Irwin Brewing Company. This beer is a beautiful ruby color, and exhibits flavors of freshly zested limes, juicy and tart blackberries, raspberries, red currants, and spring rhubarb.  Tart and refreshing, it’s perfect for spring patio sessions or days on the water!

  • Squishy

    ABV: 8.0 / IBU: 20 / STYLE: New England IPA

    A deceptive beer, sure to be a customer favorite. After one sip, you may be convinced you’re drinking a high IBU IPA with loads of tropical fruit…but this is not the case. Squishy’s crazy aroma paired with a low bitterness are a result of most hops being added post-boil. The Azacca, Amarillo, and El Dorado hop blend also create a distinct fruitiness, though no fruit was added to this beer. Get Squishy with it!

  • Big Apple

    ABV: 5.5 / IBU: 10 / STYLE: Belgian Rye Graf

    A collaboration with our friends at Big Alice brewing and Stem Ciders, this beer-cider hybrid is a Belgian ale base with New York-grown rye and 10% apple juice sourced from Stem Ciders pre-fermentation. Refreshing and complex, this beer has a light Belgian character and a slight bready spice that finishes with a light cider tartness.

  • Snowmelt

    ABV: 7.7 / IBU: 10 / STYLE: Spring Lager / Maibock

    A traditional German lager brewed in the winter and served in the spring, Snowmelt is a higher-ABV bock that signals the beginning of longer, warmer days, with the last vestiges of winter dampening the ground beneath our hiking shoes.

  • Mild Burn

    ABV: 4.7 / IBU: 19 / STYLE: Amber with Poblano and Habanero Peppers

    This is our first chili beer!  As the name implies, despite the robust aromas from the poblano and habanero peppers, this amber ale has a tame chili flavor – enough to remind you it’s a chili beer, but a far cry from alerting the Scoville Scale.

  • All the Fruit

    ABV: 5.0 / IBU: 10 / STYLE: Fruit Cocktail Shandy

    Grapefruit, blood orange, pineapple, apricot, and pomegranate make this shandy light and flavorful – a great travel partner for almost any scenario!

  • Tropical Staycation

    ABV: 4.3 / IBU: 18 / STYLE: Yogurt-Soured Berliner Weisse with Guava and Passionfruit

    Tropical Staycation is a light and tart traditional German-style ale.  Instead of souring the beer with the usual cultured bacteria, however, we used yogurt – resulting in multiple strains of lactic acid producing a more round and complex sour. The addition of guava and passionfruit create a fruitiness that, if you close your eyes for just a little bit, may make you feel that you’re somewhere that isn’t currently in ski season!

  • Singles Line

    ABV: 5.0 / IBU: 30 / STYLE: SMaSH Pale Ale

    This beer uses only El Dorado hops and Maris Otter malt (SMaSH = single malt and single hops) to create the perfect pale ale for the times when you are hitting the slopes alone!

  • Vanilla Grizzly Peak

    ABV: 3.8 / IBU: 18 / STYLE: Vanilla Porter

    Our refreshing and easy-drinking English Porter is now even better with vanilla!

  • Five Years Strong

    ABV: 15.0 / IBU: 24 / STYLE: Belgian Quintuple

    Hey, it’s our fifth anniversary! To celebrate, we created a Belgian Quintuple, fermented on French Oak, Mongolian Oak, and Palo Santo wood, and with Colorado-grown Cab Franc grapes. It’s Five Years Strong, and we’re just getting started! (Releases November 3)

  • Double Oaked Devil’s Abyss

    ABV: 16.5 / IBU: 50 / STYLE: Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout

    This beer descends to depths where few venture. Over nine months of aging in New Holland bourbon barrels, this 16% Russian Imperial Stout is a rich and dark beer meant to be savored.

  • Hey Diddle Diddle

    ABV: Wheat Ale with Apricots, Blood Oranges, and Rose Petals / IBU: 20 / STYLE: Wheat Ale with Apricots, Blood Oranges, and Rose Petals

    Hey Diddle Diddle is a tribute to Mike Sadler, and commemorates the infamous trick play that Mike ran during Michigan State University’s Rose Bowl season. Mike was a gifted All-American and Academic All-American athlete with charisma, character, and witty sense of humor. He also had a passion for craft beer and homebrewing. Inspired by Mike’s favorite creations, we brewed this beer with apricots, blood oranges, and finished with a touch of Belgian yeast and rose petals. Raise your glass and lay down your roses in memory of Mike.

  • Doppel Black Diamond

    ABV: 8.5 / IBU: 20 / STYLE: Doppelbock

    Full bodied and complex, this doppelbock is filled with all sorts of nuances, just like your favorite expert ski run!  Bready, caramel, dark fruits characters fill the glass.  As the beer warms a bit the toasty characters come out, each sip brings out something new!

  • Grouse Mountain

    ABV: Blood Orange Gose / IBU: 18 / STYLE: Blood Orange Gose

    This crisp, mouthwatering sour ale is brewed with over 200 lbs of blood orange puree giving this historical style a refreshing aroma and flavor of fresh squeezed orange juice.  The light addition of sea salt helps round out the sour character allowing it to be very drinkable and thirst quenching.

  • Cattywampus

    ABV: Grapefruit Double IPA / IBU: 80 / STYLE: Grapefruit Double IPA

    A double IPA using a tremendous amount of grapefruit!

  • Four Pass

    ABV: 5.0 / IBU: 38 / STYLE: Pilsner

    Rated one of the top pilsners, Four Pass is designed and brewed to quench any thirst! Light pilsner malt and classic German hops mingle to create a crisp, complex, and incredibly drinkable brew. Perfect for any summer event from hiking in the Rockies or catching a game, one way or the other, you’ll cheers with a loud ‘Prost!’ drinking this bier!

  • Splitboard

    ABV: 5.7 / IBU: 30 / STYLE: Oatmeal Stout

    This oatmeal stout is rich and full bodied, yet smooth and very drinkable. Aromas and flavors of oats and chocolate fill the glass and give a comfy warming feeling. The oatmeal gives this stout a smooth, creamy feeling reminiscent of first tracks in fresh powder on the last backcountry trip. The perfect après adventure beer, this stout will accent any crackling fire with friends perfectly!

  • Cougar Slayer

    ABV: 6.8 / IBU: 20 / STYLE: Blackberry Saison

    Crisp and incredibly refreshing, light notes from fresh blackberries mingle with the peppery spicy aromas of a saison. Soft bready malt rounds out the tart character of the blackberries. The crisp finish leaves you feeling fresh and ready for the next adventure. Perfect for enjoying after a hot summer day of bombing around the mountains on your mountain bike.

  • Sawatch

    ABV: 6.7 / IBU: 70 / STYLE: IPA

    Massive orange and tropical fruit aromas greet you upfront and let you know exactly what you are in for: an IPA with an aroma and flavor as beautiful and intense as the mountain range for which it is named.  A firm hop bitterness balances the sweet bready and caramel malt backbone, neither one overpowers the other.  Brewed with Simcoe, Amarillo, El Dorado, Citra, and Mosaic this is any hop head’s dream come true!

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