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"Is to create the most innovative, unique, and distinctive specialty beers, enjoyable in any scenario, which will change beer enthusiasts' idea of what is possible in specialty craft beer. We will use the best quality, locally-sourced ingredients, superior knowledge, and crafting to deliver a distinguished product created by honest means."
  • Throw in the Towel

    ABV: 12.3 / IBU: 20 / STYLE: Rum Barrel-Aged Belgian Quad

    Throw in the Towel is a barrel-aged version of our collaboration with 105 West Brewing. We took the original chocolate cherry ice cream Belgian Quad and put it in a rum barrel for the last year.  This sweet treat will make you feel like you’re drinking a shake in an ice cream shoppe!

  • Breakfast in Belgium

    ABV: 10.0 / IBU: 10 / STYLE: Barleywine with Belgian Waffles

    Breakfast in Belgium is a Belgian barleywine made with vanilla, maple syrup, and 50 pounds of Belgian waffles from our friends at Waffle Bros. It’s the perfect breakfast beer!

  • Hoplidascope

    ABV: 6.0 / IBU: 30 / STYLE: New England IPA

    This crisp New England IPA has Azacca, Citra, and Idaho #7 hops!

  • Zero Gravity

    ABV: 5.5 / IBU: 20 / STYLE: Dry Hopped Grisette

    Zero Gravity is a grisette (otherwise known as a balanced farmhouse ale) with bright notes of tropical fruits, lime zest, and peppercorn. This easy-drinking and delicate ale is brewed with pilsner malt, winter wheat, and kohatu hops.

  • Mount Olympus

    ABV: 5.9 / IBU: 30 / STYLE: New England IPA

    Brewed with Celestial Beerworks out of Dallas, Texas, this New England IPA was brewed with Sabro and Strata hops, showcasing Imperial Yeast’s “juice” strains!

  • Gondola Confessions

    ABV: 10.0 / IBU: 30 / STYLE: Russian Imperial Stout

    This Russian Imperial Stout was aged for two years in bourbon barrels before being blended with a fresh dry stout, creating a uniquely drinkable beer that is slightly sweet and smooth, with big notes of raisin, plum, dark chocolate, cherry, raspberry, and oak!

  • For the Adventure

    ABV: 5.5 / IBU: 20 / STYLE: Vienna Lager

    A classic lager with pilsner, munich, and a touch of chocolate malts and lagered in our tank for one month. This beer is crushable and delicious!

  • Star Trail

    ABV: 5.5 / IBU: 10 / STYLE: Black Gose

    A black gose made with pilsner, white wheat, and midnight wheat, Star Trail also has coriander and black Hawaiian sea salt. From there, palo santo wood chips and brown sugar spiced rum was added to create a unique and complex sour!

  • Strawberry Springs

    ABV: 4.0 / IBU: 10 / STYLE: Strawberry Rhubard Berlinerweisse with Yogurt

    This super light and flavorful Berlinerweisse was brewed with pilsner and white wheat. Strawberry and rhubarb puree was then added to complete this tart and jammy beer best consumed springside!

  • Pallet Present

    ABV: 10.0 / IBU: 20 / STYLE: Salted Nut Roll Stout

    Every grain order we receive from BSG Craft Brewing comes with Salted Nut Rolls. To honor a brewer’s favorite snack, we’re bringing you this salty, sweet stout called Pallet Present. With peanut flour, salt, and vanilla bean, it all comes together to taste like a Salted Nut Roll! Read the BSG article on this beer! 

  • Southern Carb

    ABV: 6.5 / IBU: 35 / STYLE: Kumquat Sage Norwegian Pale Ale

    Southern Carbs is a collaboration with DuClaw brewing in Baltimore, Maryland. Brewed with pale malt, wheat, and a touch of rye, then hopped with Citra, Mosaic, and Calypso. Kumquat puree and sage were the final ingredients. Brewed using the Norwegian Farmhouse or “Kviek” yeast strain, this beer has earthy and citrus notes!

  • Casual Route

    ABV: 4.5 / IBU: 35 / STYLE: Single Hop Pale Ale

    Using 2-row and carafoam malt with Strata hops, Casual Route, like the name implies, is a straightforward pale ale: Very easy drinking, clear, and delicious!

  • This Beer Really Ties the Room Together

    ABV: Blonde White Russian / Milk Stout / IBU: 18 / STYLE: Blonde White Russian / Milk Stout

    This is no ordinary stout. It’s just perfect for the taproom, too.  This Beer Really Ties the Room Together is a blonde white Russian / milk stout.  Oats and lactose give it a nice smooth and cream-like mouthfeel.  The addition of Ozo’s Organic Sumatra Queen Ketiara whole-bean coffee lends huge chocolate and vanilla notes, while subtle chocolate bitterness comes from the addition of Ethereal Confection’s Dominican Republic Cacao Nibs.  Looking for something amazing and different? The Jagged abides. But that’s just, like, our opinion, man.

  • Four Pass

    ABV: 5.0 / IBU: 38 / STYLE: Pilsner

    Rated one of the top pilsners, Four Pass is designed and brewed to quench any thirst! Light pilsner malt and classic German hops mingle to create a crisp, complex, and incredibly drinkable brew. Perfect for any summer event from hiking in the Rockies or catching a game, one way or the other, you’ll cheers with a loud ‘Prost!’ drinking this bier!

  • Cougar Slayer

    ABV: 6.8 / IBU: 20 / STYLE: Blackberry Saison

    Crisp and incredibly refreshing, light notes from fresh blackberries mingle with the peppery spicy aromas of a saison. Soft bready malt rounds out the tart character of the blackberries. The crisp finish leaves you feeling fresh and ready for the next adventure. Perfect for enjoying after a hot summer day of bombing around the mountains on your mountain bike.

  • Sawatch

    ABV: 6.7 / IBU: 70 / STYLE: IPA

    Massive orange and tropical fruit aromas greet you upfront and let you know exactly what you are in for: an IPA with an aroma and flavor as beautiful and intense as the mountain range for which it is named.  A firm hop bitterness balances the sweet bready and caramel malt backbone, neither one overpowers the other.  Brewed with Simcoe, Amarillo, El Dorado, Citra, and Mosaic this is any hop head’s dream come true!

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