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"Is to create the most innovative, unique, and distinctive specialty beers, enjoyable in any scenario, which will change beer enthusiasts' idea of what is possible in specialty craft beer. We will use the best quality, locally-sourced ingredients, superior knowledge, and crafting to deliver a distinguished product created by honest means."
  • GABF Releases!

    ABV: (various) / IBU: (various) / STYLE: (various)

    Here’s the list of our GABF special releases – get them while you can!:

    Belgian Golden Strong OUT!
    Whiskey Barrel-Aged Quad (2015) OUT!
    Cabernet Barrel-Aged Cherry Wheat
    Rum Barrel-Aged Doppelbock
    Cabernet Barrel-Aged Blackberry Saison with Wild Yeast OUT!
    Rose Barrel-Aged Belgian Wit with Wild Yeast OUT!

  • SawFresh

    ABV: 6.7 / IBU: 70 / STYLE: Fresh Hop IPA

    SawFresh is our Mosaic fresh hop version of our bestselling Sawatch IPA!

  • Tropical Ryed

    ABV: 5.5 / IBU: 45 / STYLE: Fresh Hop Rye Pale Ale

    Wet Ryed’s more citrusy and tropical bretheren, Tropical Ryed uses Citra and Amarillo fresh hops to create a tasty variation to our fresh hop beer lineup!

  • Fetchez La Blonde

    ABV: 8.1 / IBU: 24 / STYLE: Biere de Garde

    In collaboration with home brewer Matt Lawlor, Fetchez la Blonde is an artisanal blonde Biere de Garde. A complex bouquet of biscuit and caramel malts intertwined with spicy and fruity Belgian yeast characters creates a truly captivating experience.  (more…)

  • Frisky Pack Mule

    ABV: 7.8 / IBU: 80 / STYLE: Barrel-Aged Blended IPA

    The newest addition to the Voodoo Goat Barrel Project Series, Frisky Pack Mule is a blend of Whiskey Barrel-Aged Sawatch IPA, Cabernet Barrel-Aged Indian Summer Red Rye Saison with wild yeast, regular Sawatch IPA, and regular Ninja Donkey Juicy Imperial IPA!

  • Uber Slayer

    ABV: 6.4 / IBU: 20 / STYLE: Japanese Saison

    This might be our most adventurous beer to date! We started with a saison base, then added green tea, roasted seaweed, kelp, sansho pepper, black sesame seeds, ginger, yuzu and kabosu fruits, and Shiitake mushrooms to round out this umami adventure!

  • Rum Barrel-Aged Doppel Black Diamond

    ABV: 9.0 / IBU: 20 / STYLE: Doppelbock

    Full bodied and complex, this doppelbock is filled with all sorts of nuances, just like your favorite expert ski run!  Bready, caramel, dark fruits characters fill the glass.  As the beer warms a bit the toasty characters come out, each sip brings out something new!

  • Grouse Mountain

    ABV: 4.3 / IBU: 18 / STYLE: Blood Orange Gose

    This crisp, mouthwatering sour ale is brewed with over 200 lbs of blood orange puree giving this historical style a refreshing aroma and flavor of fresh squeezed orange juice.  The light addition of sea salt helps round out the sour character allowing it to be very drinkable and thirst quenching.

  • Rocky Mountain Chowda Session IPA

    ABV: 4.6 / IBU: 40 / STYLE: New England Session IPA

    We took the New England style of IPA and gave it a Colorado twist! The lower ABV and bit drier finish let the massive hop aromas and mango, pineapple, citrus, and pine flavors really shine. The restrained bitterness allows this beer to be dangerously drinkable.

  • Oktoberfest

    ABV: 5.8 / IBU: 24 / STYLE: Oktoberfest

    Our ode to the 200 year old celebration of beer known as Oktoberfest! We brewed this traditional German style Oktoberfest using Bavarian malt, giving it a rich, toasty, bready backbone, followed up with German hops from the Hallertau region adding a slightly spicy and very clean bitterness. The crisp, dry finish will have you asking for another! Prost!

  • Cattywampus

    ABV: 9.7 / IBU: 80 / STYLE: Grapefruit Double IPA

    A double IPA using a tremendous amount of grapefruit!

  • Wet Ryed

    ABV: 5.5 / IBU: 45 / STYLE: Fresh Hopped Rye Pale Ale

    It’s that time of year!  The hop harvest is upon us and to celebrate a new cache of hops, we decided to go big this year!  We brewed up a classic American Rye Pale Ale and then wet hopped it in the brite tank with 50 pounds of Cascade and Chinook hops from High Wire Hops.  The aroma is filled with fresh hop aromas of citrus, pine, spicy and dank!  The first sip hits you with wonderful fresh hop flavors and a light bitterness that rounds out the spicy sweetness of the rye malt.  The last sip leaves you wishing this beer could be around all year.  As they say, wet rides are always fun rides!

  • Cabernet Barrel-Aged Playin’ Hooky

    ABV: 5.2 / IBU: 25 / STYLE: Cherry Wheat

    Playin’ Hooky is an American wheat ale brewed with puffed jasmine rice from Asia and 110 pounds of Montmorency Cherry juice concentrate (the equivalent of 325 pounds of fresh cherries!). The jasmine rice gives the beer a light spiciness that complements the wheat perfectly.

  • Walk Off

    ABV: 4.8 / IBU: 18 / STYLE: Belgian Wit

    Just in time for hot spring and summer days, this refreshing wit is brimming with crisp orange and lemon flavors, balanced by light bready malt and a light hop character.  The crisp, dry lemony finish is sure to quench even the biggest thirst.   Pairs well with cheering for the home team!

  • Cougar Slayer

    ABV: 6.8 / IBU: 20 / STYLE: Blackberry Saison

    Crisp and incredibly refreshing, light notes from fresh blackberries mingle with the peppery spicy aromas of a saison. Soft bready malt rounds out the tart character of the blackberries. The crisp finish leaves you feeling fresh and ready for the next adventure. Perfect for enjoying after a hot summer day of bombing around the mountains on your mountain bike.

  • Wolfpack

    ABV: 7.0 / IBU: 25 / STYLE: Black Saison

    A deceptive beer!  Don’t think the dark color means this beer is heavy or has strong roasted flavors: Quite the opposite, this brew greets you with a complex citrusy, spicy and floral aroma.  The flavor is filled with orange zest and sweet bready malt characters that are balanced by light hoppy bitterness and slight tartness from the classic Belgian yeast.  The light dry finish leaves you thinking the beer you just sipped and the one in the glass are two different beers.  This wolf is howling for you to come join the pack!

  • Grizzly Peak

    ABV: 3.8 / IBU: 18 / STYLE: Session Porter

    Truly a session ale, this beer clocks in at an easy drinking 3.8% ABV.  Despite the low alcohol, this beer is very full of flavor and character.   Rich chocolate, toast and caramel notes fill the aroma and flavor, and light fruity characters come through in the background.  The finish lingers with caramel, toast and chocolaty flavors.  The light hops balance the complex malty characters making this beer best enjoyed around the campfire with friends!

  • Sawatch

    ABV: 6.7 / IBU: 70 / STYLE: IPA

    Massive orange and tropical fruit aromas greet you upfront and let you know exactly what you are in for: an IPA with an aroma and flavor as beautiful and intense as the mountain range for which it is named.  A firm hop bitterness balances the sweet bready and caramel malt backbone, neither one overpowers the other.  Brewed with Simcoe, Amarillo, El Dorado, Citra, and Mosaic this is any hop head’s dream come true!

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